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  • Add support of json message format
  • better setup experience (startup menu entry for everybody)
  • custom settings are now user based; any new upgrade of the tool will not reset your custom settings anymore
  • Improve performance and accuracy in searching word inside raw message content
  • recent connections list
  • Support the load of messages from a text file

Project Description

This application is a productivity tool developed in .net 4.5.
It allows you the easily monitor and control your IBM Websphere MQ queue managers.

The main features are:
  • Visualise some key parameters of queues : queue state, queue depth and uncommitted messages count
  • Extended filtering of queues : only with messages, based on state, name, type, ...
  • Take massive actions on queues : allow, inhibit, clear a set of queues in one click
  • Manage the content of the queues : search messages, visualise message content (raw, hex, xml), forward messages to another queue, export to csv, load/unload queue content based on official format generated by IBM tooling (originally called qload prior to version 8 of Websphere MQ)
  • Remote connection support (without the need of MQ Client installed)
  • Powerfull message parser including parsing definition editor with IntelliSense
  • and more...

Basic support of remote connection to linux and MF queue managers (beta feature)

If you don't have a IBM Websphere MQ installed somewhere, you can download a version at this address:

Here are few screenshots:


Coming feature:

  • extensibility model to support custom queue list configuration
  • ....

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